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Parish integrates social mission into liturgy, prayer

At our parish, St. Patrick Catholic Community, in Scottsdale, AZ, our celebration of the Mass opens our hearts to the presence of Christ in the altar—and in the community.  Our hospitality ministers encounter and welcome each person as they enter the church. Homilies consistently proclaim the need for our faith communities to be welcoming and mission-oriented. Music emphasizes that we are Christian disciples in mission. The Prayer of the Faithful help us to intercede for those who are poor and vulnerable in our own community and around the world.  At Advent time, parishioners participated in a drive to make an offering of items needed by people experiencing homelessness. On Christmas Day, parishioners and visitors were given these 'bags of compassion' to deliver, in person, to a particular brother or sister experiencing homelessness, encountering that person and praying for his or her needs. Finally, a prayer resource in our Adoration Chapel helps those who are praying to include special intentions for peace, refugees, victims of climate-related disasters, etc.