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Reflecting on racism, affirming the dignity of all God's children

At Resurrection of Our Lord Catholic Church, in Savannah, GA, we seek to be a faith community that recognizes and celebrates the diversity of all God’s children. Our catechists help our young people reflect on their own experiences of racism in light of Catholic teaching about the dignity of every person. We practice dialogue and assist students to resolve differences in ways that affirm one others’ dignity. In our youth and adult formation efforts, we use the U.S. Catholic bishops’ pastoral letter on racism,Brothers and Sisters to Us, as well as What We Have Seen and Heard and Bishop Braxton’s The Racial Divide in the United States. We incorporate reflection about racism and the dignity of all God’s children into our homilies and into the Prayer of the Faithful. We encourage families to pray the bishops’ "God of the Journey" prayer. Our parish’s hospitality ministry seeks to ensure that every person—parishioner or visitor—feels welcome at the Eucharistic celebration. We also work to ensure that parishioners of any ethnicity feel at home in our parish, which is majority African American. On Pentecost, we have a multi-cultural celebration at which we share foods from many traditions important to our parishioners. In response to the recent violence in many communities around the country, two religious sisters who are members of our parish are now spearheading an "Undoing Racism" committee in the Savannah Deanery, which will help us to further engage in conversation around racial justice.