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Schools unite for life and justice

In the Diocese of Cleveland, students and educators from our Catholic high schools learn and collaborate together on issues of life and justice through our Catholic Schools for Peace and Justice (CSPJ) network. Each October, we celebrate Respect Life Month with a Mass followed by public witness downtown around issues such as abortion, the death penalty, peace, disability, and poverty. Our annual Summit each April focuses on topics such as immigration, trafficking, refugees, and fair trade and includes opportunities for advocacy and response. High school and students collaborate on planning, and all 20 high schools in the diocese participate, with 500+ students regularly participating in our major events.  We regularly host speakers and other educational events and have brought students to the state capitol to speak with elected officials about issues of life and dignity. Since CSPJ was formed in 2002, it has become an essential vehicle for teachers, campus ministers, and students to share ideas, build relationship, and live our common Catholic mission.