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Welcome!  This tool can help you find just what you need to pray, reach out, learn and act together. Use the filters on the left to find resources by type, age group, role, scope, or interest, ministry or topic area.  The content will filter as you make your selections.

Webinar on Best Practices for Multicultural Parishes

This webinar explores how different ethnic communities can become one faith community and outline the Six Stages of Intercultural Sensitivity. MORE >

Building Intercultural Competencies

This guide shares knowledge, attitudes, and skills that are essential when working in intercultural and interracial settings. MORE >

Welcoming Our Brothers and Sisters with Disabilities

Here are resources to ensure meaningful participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of the life of the Church and society. MORE >

Developing Diverse Leaders: Best Practices for Shared Parishes

This excerpt from the U.S. bishops’ Best Practices for Shared Parishes: So That They May All Be One, focuses on development of diverse leaders within one parish. MORE >

Skills Building

A Catholic Charities USA parish social ministry director reflects on key skill areas for social ministry leaders and offers tips for success. MORE >

What Does a Well-Run Meeting Look Like?

Get tips about preparation and facilitation for running a meeting effectively. MORE >

Best Practices for Social Justice Committees

Consider these best practices for social justice committees, such as being faith-centered, organized, creative, relational, focused on justice, educating for action, and in for the long haul. MORE >

The Parish in the Neighborhood: Making the Word Become Flesh

Msgr. Charles Pope reflects on how his parish community has helped make the Word become flesh in the neighborhood. MORE >

Developing Parish Leaders through Community Development / Desarrollar líderes parroquiales a través del desarrollo de la comunidad

Fr. Toribio Guerrero describes how empowering parishioners to be active in the community also helped them develop leadership skills and grew his parish community. MORE >

Meet Mary: An Introduction to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development

CCHD is the U.S. Catholic bishops’ anti-poverty program which supports groups of low-income people to make change in their communities. MORE >

Collaborating with Other Faith Traditions

The U.S. Catholic bishops’ Secretariat for Ecumenical and Religious Affairs offers these examples of how we can collaborate with other faith traditions to be salt and light in our communities. MORE >

Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching / Los siete temas de la enseñanza social católica

The U.S. bishops identify seven major themes of our Catholic social tradition, with links to their roots in Scripture and Church documents. MORE >

Catholic Social Teaching Podcasts

These podcasts reflect on major themes of Catholic social teaching and how they should shape our lives as disciples of Christ and brothers and sisters to those in need. MORE >

Catholic Framework for Economic Life

Here are ten key principles on the values that should shape our participation in economic life. MORE >

Communities of Salt and Light: Reflections on the Social Mission of the Parish / Comunidades de Sal y Luz: Reflexiones sobre la Misión Social de la Parroquia

This statement from the U.S. Catholic bishops is a must-read for any Catholic, lay or religious, who wants to be salt and light in the world. MORE >

Foundational Catholic Social Teaching Documents

This is a listing of documents of modern-day Catholic social teaching from papal, conciliar, and episcopal sources. MORE >

Quotes from Pope Francis on Issues of Life, Dignity, Justice and Peace / Citas del papa Francisco sobre la vida, la dignidad, la justicia y la paz

This compilation of Pope Francis quotes covers a variety of issues related to life, dignity, justice and peace. MORE >

Scripture and Justice Timeline Activity

Use this fun activity to visually explore how Scripture provides a foundation for our concern for those who are poor and vulnerable. MORE >

Biblical Justice Challenge

In this fun activity, small groups compete to find scriptural references related to concern for those who are poor and vulnerable. MORE >

Catholic Social Teaching Timeline Activity / Actividad de la línea cronológica de la enseñanza social católica

This activity focuses on the major Catholic social teaching documents and the current events and signs of the times to which they responded. MORE >

Superhero of Justice Activity

This activity helps youth of elementary school age envision Catholic social teaching from the perspective of a superhero. MORE >

Understanding Social Sin

This resource explains the basics of social sin, and how we are called to respond. MORE >

God's Love and the Demands of Grace

Through God’s grace and our efforts to build solidarity, a new community can arise that will provide a place at the table for all God’s people. MORE >

Reflections on the Joy of the Gospel

How are we called to be “a Church which goes forth”? Reflect with members of the Catholic Charities USA network on this call from Pope Francis. MORE >

Reflection Guides on Charity in Truth

Learn more about Pope Benedict XVI's encyclical, which explores Catholic teaching on human development, economic life, and other pressing global issues. MORE >